Environment, Energy & Sustainable Development

Environmental laws have for years provided protection to our air, water and land, focusing on management of waste and toxic and hazardous materials. The environmental legal and regulatory scheme has become ever more complicated, its scope expanding to impose liability on individuals and entities not traditionally considered to be direct polluters of the environment. With populations and demands for resources and energy increasing and climate change presenting itself as an issue of great concern, the environmental challenges we face include the issue of sustainable development.

Our environmental practice includes counseling clients on day-to-day business activities and transactions and defending them if they find themselves in litigation. Our attorneys have experience with, and have litigated cases under, the numerous federal and state environmental statutes and regulations. We have experience in the public sector at the Illinois Attorney General's Office’s environmental section, having obtained valuable insights regarding the types of matters that government agencies address. Our work has involved evaluating the technical issues presented in a case and partnering with experts in various fields, including material analysis, hydrogeology and remediation techniques.

This background serves as a basis for partnering with, and providing additional services to, clients in the areas of energy and sustainable development. This includes issues in the transportation, construction, energy and resources fields.