First Party Property

First Party Property

Our Property Team is focused on protecting the interests of our insurer-clients and helping them to avoid overpaying claims and/or paying fraudulent claims. At the same time, we recognize that first party investigations must be handled carefully since the insured’s perception of how the claim is being handled is important. Our attorneys are adept at maintaining this delicate balance. 

We have many years of experience in the investigation of first party property claims. Our in-depth knowledge of bad faith and unfair claims practices on a state-by-state basis contributes to minimizing extracontractual exposure. Our established procedure for investigating first party property claims is designed to generate as much information as possible about a claim and an insured within the limits of the rights afforded an insurer under the policy. This approach gives the insurer the information it needs to determine how it will respond to a claim without creating extracontractual liability. 

Our attorneys have considerable experience with claims involving complicated financial analysis, enabling them to either determine the extent of a loss or to conclude whether there is a financial motive on behalf of an insured to submit a fraudulent claim. We know what information to request from an insured. We have conducted many examinations under oath. In short, we conduct investigations thoroughly and urgently, and report the results immediately. 

In third-party property claims, our Property Team has experience in taking the lead in terms of site control, loss investigation and preserving evidence. Several of our attorneys have advanced degrees, including engineering degrees, and thus the background to analyze and understand complex property loss claims. Knowing that causation is often an issue in property claims, our attorneys immediately proceed to assess the liability of the insured and also to determine the relative liability of other parties involved. Our quick action helps in formulating a successful defense strategy or subrogation claim. 

Finally, having worked with many different types of experts over the years, we know how to utilize outside consultants in the most efficient manner possible, minimizing the cost to our clients without diminishing results.
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