Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Our Intellectual Property and Internet Liability Team counsels clients with respect to creation and enforcement of intellectual property rights. We also aggressively prosecute and defend all types of intellectual property claims in State and Federal courts throughout the country. We have extensive experience in protecting trademarks in words, colors, designs and slogans. We also provide assistance in creating trademarks and service marks for new businesses and negotiating the licensing of these rights. Our Team provides enforcement and protection of clients’ copyrights in computer software, photographs, books, music, paintings, catalogs, and advertising campaigns. In addition, we litigate false advertising, product disparagement/trade libel and breach of contract claims in the entertainment, food, beverage, telecommunications and manufacturing industries. 

We are on the forefront in litigating trade dress cases involving packaging, product design and product configuration, many of which include patent infringement claims. Our trial attorneys litigate patent infringement, validity and enforceability matters throughout the country, involving mechanical, electrical and biotech devices. These often include anti-trust claims for anti-competitive and monopolistic practices, disparagement and a host of other unfair business practices. 

Our cases frequently involve motions for temporary restraining orders or preliminary injunctions. We have assembled a team of attorneys with the necessary expertise and support staff to successfully handle these emergency hearings with little or no notice. 

Our Team has significant experience in litigating a variety of matters arising out of electronic commerce, including prosecuting cybersquatters who usurp clients’ domain names and litigating trademark infringement and trademark dilution claims relating to unauthorized linking to another’s website and use of others’ trademarks as keywords, to name a few. We also provide advice on encryption issues arising out of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. 

Confidential business information can be protected as a trade secret. Our Team has been a leader in litigating claims for misappropriation of such trade secrets against former employees and competitors. These lawsuits often require us to prosecute or defend claims for unfair competition involving economic espionage, fraud and counterfeiting activities. As part of our client counseling services, we prepare covenants not to compete, trade secret agreements, employee manuals and internal procedures that maximize the legal protection for proprietary information.
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