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Caitlin Frenzer focuses her practice on providing general counsel services to local governmental bodies. Caitlin represents clients on a variety of matters including zoning, contracts, employment, school law, economic development, intergovernmental agreements, compliance with the Illinois Freedom of Information Act and Illinois Open Meetings Act, drafting legislation and policy.

Caitlin received her B.A. from Auburn University and her J.D. from University of Illinois Chicago School of Law. 

Where are you from? 
I was born and raised in Chicago, IL. I grew up on the north side of the city in a neighborhood called Edgebrook, IL.

What was your first job? 
My first job was as a sales associate at a clothing store when I was in high school.    

Do you have any hidden talents and/or unique hobbies?
My unique hobbies are pickleball and platform tennis/paddle. I had never played a racket sport before, but like a lot of other people, I started playing during the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m still very new at both sports but enjoy learning and having fun with the games!

What is on your bucket list?
My bucket list is very travel-focused. I have a long list of places where I want to visit! One trip on my bucket list is to travel to Cappadocia, Turkey and ride in a hot air balloon. 

Caitlin in Croatia
Caitlin in Croatia. 

Why did you decide to become an attorney?
I wanted to be an attorney from a young age. Both of my parents are attorneys, and I always had a knack for debating with my siblings. Taking a constitutional law class in college solidified my choice.   

What does a typical workday look like for you?
Our Local Government Practice Group likes to joke that no two days ever look alike. Client matters vary drastically and often spring up at a moment’s notice that requires immediate legal support. For me, that could mean writing ordinances or reviewing zoning matters in the morning, handling a personnel matter in the afternoon and attending Board meetings at night.   

Why did you choose your areas of practice?
I chose to work in local government law because I love that my work can have a positive effect on our clients’ residents’ day-to-day lives. While a lot of the legal field can feel adversarial, working as a team with local governments to benefit their communities is extremely rewarding.

What do you like most about Tressler?
What I enjoy the most about Tressler is that everyone truly wants you to be your absolute best. I feel very lucky to work with a group of attorneys who encourage and support one anothers' goals!

What are you most proud of, personally or professionally?
Professionally, I’m proud of the presentation I gave with my colleague, John M. O’Driscoll, at the 2023 Illinois Municipal League Annual Conference discussing ethical issues and obligations for local government employees and elected officials. We had over 300 people attend the presentation. As someone who previously attended the IML Annual Conference as a law student, it felt very full circle to be able to present to colleagues and elected officials on such an important topic! 

Tell us something about your family that might surprise us.
One surprising fact about my family is that I’m an identical triplet. My sisters (Beth and Meagan) have been my “built-in” best friends my entire life. We even attended college together at Auburn University. We look very similar and enjoy confusing people! 

Caitlin and her sisters, Beth and Meagan
Caitlin and her sisters, Beth and Meagan.

Tell us a little more about yourself.
I recently moved to the western suburbs of Chicago, IL with my husband, Jordan, (also an attorney) and our dog, Ruthie, affectionately named for Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I love reading fiction books, taking fitness classes and golfing. Also, I’m a big fan of Taylor Swift!  

Caitlin, Jordan, and Ruthie
Caitlin, Jordan and Ruthie.

Caitlin Frenzer can be reached at Learn more about our attorneys by visiting

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