Honoring Black History Month: Tressler Sponsors Thurgood Marshall Bar Association's Annual Gala

Honoring Black History Month: Tressler Sponsors Thurgood Marshall Bar Association's Annual Gala

  • Feb 13, 2023, 12:45 PM

In honor of Black History Month, Tressler is proud to sponsor the Thurgood Marshall Bar Association's Annual Gala and Installation Dinner.

The Thurgood Marshall Bar Association is a contemporary bar association committed to connecting, supporting and increasing the Black legal community. The organization strives to promote diversity, professional improvement and the advancement of justice through positive community involvement. Thurgood Marshall Bar Association promotes excellence in the practice of law for the Black legal community, allies and the legal community at large. In addition to giving out annual scholarships, the non-profit organization hosts programs and events to provide mentorship and connect students with experiences in the legal field.

Thurgood Marshall Bar Association Logo

Click here to learn more about the Thurgood Marshall Bar Association.

To register for the Annual Gala and Installation Dinner on February 23, 2023 in Costa Mesa, California, click here to visit the event website.

Thurgood Marshall was the 96th Justice of the United States Supreme Court and the Court’s first African American Justice. He made lasting contributions to civil rights jurisprudence through his advocacy. Thurgood Marshall was the lead attorney in Brown v. Board of Education, the landmark decision that abolished the archaic standard of “separate but equal” by holding that that laws requiring racial separation are inherently unequal. People from all walks of life have benefitted from Thurgood Marshall’s efforts to increase access to the American dream of equality and fairness.

Black History Month Project Leader:

Tambra Bullock

Tambra Bullock is a member of Tressler's national Diversity Equity & Inclusion Committee. She is the Marketing Coordinator on Tressler’s Marketing Team in our Chicago office. In addition to content creation and data analysis for Tressler, Tambra does freelance work as an actress, dancer, and visual director in the Chicagoland area. In her spare time, Tambra enjoys nature, fitness, coaching high school speech and drama. Tambra Bullock can be reached at tbullock@tresslerllp.com.