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Timothy Ravich Article Aviation Law Launch

Tressler is pleased to share aviation attorney Timothy M. Ravich's latest publication, "Advanced Air Mobility: Will Law Lift or Ground a New Era of Human Transportation?" The conference white paper is in fulfillment of a National Science Foundation Law and Science Grant.

To download your complimentary copy of this publication, please click here.

A new era of human mobility is on the horizon as investment pours into transformative airborne technologies referred to as advanced air mobility (AAM) and the local, on-demand movement of people and goods by air using autonomous or uncrewed electric aircraft that take off and land vertically (eVTOL). Flying taxis and the concept of aerial ridesharing at traditional taxi prices portend a reduction in congestion and a radically improved urban mobility experience relative to heavy-infrastructure approaches such as roads, rails, bridges and tunnels. 

AAM thus promises to democratize flight by offering affordable and environmentally sustainable transportation between places previously not served or underserved by aviation, including rooftop-to-rooftop suburban destinations along intracity and intercity corridors. Engineering challenges ostensibly present the highest hurdles to achieving clean, reliable, high-speed, air mobility networks. But, in fact, legal and regulatory issues present the greatest headwinds. These include problems of property (e.g., airspace and land use), jurisdiction and federalism, safety and security and community acceptance. Also implicated are auxiliary issues including cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, crime and policing, and social and economic equity where law and the rules of the road for new technologies are still indeterminate. To realize the full transformative potential of AAM, formulating comprehensive and cohesive analysis addressing these and other matters is critical (and wanting).

By exploring the intersection of legal and technological innovation in a new era of aviation, the reach of this project extends beyond aviation as the findings it disseminates could benefit other scholarship at the intersection of science and law that seeks to understand how new technology disrupts legal equilibria, renders existing laws obsolete and/or requires the creation of new rules and frameworks to account for pioneering inventions.


NSF Award Search: Award # 2232225 - Conference: Advanced Air Mobility: Will Law Lift or Ground a New Era of Human Transportation?

Timothy M. Ravich, J.D. (Principal Investigator), Senior Counsel at Tressler LLP
Sarah Bush, Ph.D. (Co-PI)
Laurie O. Campbell, Ed.D. (Co-PI)
University of Central Florida

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Timothy M. Ravich concentrates his practice in the areas of aviation, product and general civil litigation. Recognized as one of only 50 lawyers qualified as a Board-Certified Expert in the area of aviation law, Tim specializes in transactional and regulatory matters related to the ownership, maintenance and utilization of aircraft, airports and airspace. Click here to read Tim's full attorney biography.