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Todd Rowe is a partner in Tressler’s Privacy Practice Group. He regularly advises insurers on complex matters, including the resolution of large claims and claims under specialty and commercial insurance lines throughout the country. His practice areas include Insurance, Litigation, Privacy, Cyberliability, Technology/Cyberliability Litigation, First Party Property, and Products Liability Litigation.  He received his J.D. from Marquette University Law School and currently works out of Tressler’s Chicago office.

What do you like most about Tressler?

After working in Wisconsin and Michigan for a number of years, Tressler LLP has been my home for more than ten years.  The legal and insurance industries have gone through many changes in the years I have been at Tressler.  However, after growing up around the constantly evolving auto industry in Detroit, Michigan, I have learned to accept and embrace change.  I am surrounded by people at Tressler LLP that are ready to serve our clients’ evolving needs.  For example, Tressler built our Privacy Practice Group to assist clients with the emerging issues presented by data, cyber and privacy on the building blocks of our extensive insurance experience. I am proud of Tressler’s past and excited about our future.

How did Tressler’s Privacy Practice Group develop?

Our Privacy Practice Group developed in distinct phases over the last nine years.  While working in insurance coverage, it became clear that data storage would give rise to claims that would not be covered as bodily injury, property damage or advertising injury under commercial general liability policies and may not constitute a peril under a traditional property insurance policy.  First, our Privacy Practice Group was able to gain valuable experience by working with small governments and school districts on their data retention and storage issues.  Next, by the time insurers needed assistance on cyber issues, our Practice Group had the unique experience in both responding to privacy issues and insurance coverage to assist with this new line of insurance.  While working with insurers, our Practice Group has been assigned matters occurring in a variety of industries spanning health care, manufacturing to financial institutions.

How does Tressler’s Privacy Practice Group assist insurers?

Our Practice Group’s insurer clients initially requested our assistance in policy drafting since cyber insurance policies did not contain uniform policy language or coverages.  As cyber policies became more widely available, insurers asked our Practice Group to assist in responding to insureds’ cyber incidents.  While working with insurers, our Practice Group has developed a network of vendors of forensic, public relations and notification vendors.  We have responded to more than 50 cyber incidents involving everything from data breaches to ransomware.

How does Tressler’s Privacy Practice Group assist data collectors?

While a number of law firms are reaching into privacy, Tressler has offered pre-breach and post-breach counseling to data collectors for years.  These services can range from creating response plans to connecting our clients with forensic and public relations vendors. Tressler is continuing to lead in this emerging area by offering its clients employee training to compliment technological safeguards.

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