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Tressler Partner and Chicago office Managing Partner,D.J. Sartorio, has authored “Management Playlist: Who is thankful for you?” published by the Chicago Lawyer magazine, Nov. 1, 2013. D.J.’s Management Playlist column appears monthly in the Chicago Lawyer.

In “Who is thankful for you,” D.J. writes that as Thanksgiving approaches, we often take time to identify the people in our lives for whom we are thankful. But it is also a good time to take stock of who is thankful for you. This is not an exercise in self-aggrandizement or to make you feel good about yourself, but rather a measure of whether you are fulfilling your responsibilities as a lawyer.

“The preamble to the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct (2010) provides direction as to our responsibilities,” writes D.J. However, he points out that they are not limited to the manner in which lawyers handle clients’ legal matters or operate their law practices. Rather, they reach much deeper into how we lawyers conduct ourselves; the work environment they create for others; their commitment to the profession and the system of justice; and how they use their training, experience and skills in the public interest.

D.J. concludes: “We are in a wonderful profession that offers us many opportunities — opportunities to acquire income, access and skill that may be shared. We are able to provide employment for others, extend valuable services, open doors, lead, guide, assist and educate.

“As lawyers, we are called upon to be compassionate, understanding and courageous,” he continues. “Certainly, no one of us can do it all. But each of us ought to do some. And many are….But there is more to do.”

For a copy of the article, please visit the Chicago Lawyer magazine’s website by CLICKING HERE. Alternatively, you may contact the author directly at or 312-627-4093.

About the Author
D.J. Sartorio has more than 30 years experience as an insurance and appellate lawyer. He has extensive experience representing insurance companies in litigation, coverage analysis and underwriting consulting. He has successfully handled appeals throughout the United States, including one that changed Illinois law with respect to expert disclosures. Active in firm management, D.J. has served on Tressler’s four-person Executive Committee, which is the governing body of the firm, since 2001, and presently also serves as Managing Partner of the firm’s Chicago office.