People regularly ask us what makes Tressler different from other law firms. We believe that it is our refusal to concede. In a time of commoditization, we refuse to be a commodity. In a time of contraction, we continue to grow. In a time of self-absorption, we remain committed to all that our profession demands and to the communities in which we live. 

We recognize the differences in people and respect and embrace those differences. In a time of declining service, we have reaffirmed our culture of responsiveness to the needs of our clients and to the many individuals at Tressler who provide that service. In a time of corner cutting, we continue to invest in our people, our technology and training. In a time of push-button responses, we insist upon personal relationships. In a time of indifference, we still listen. In a time of uncertainty, we stand confident and prepared.  

We have been dedicated to our mission for more than 37 years:

Do the right thing.

We understand that our clients have real interests that often overshadow the pure legal analyses of their problems. We understand that our attorneys and staff should have rich, full lives. We understand that our communities are entitled to expect more from us than our mere presence. We understand that our profession demands commitment, integrity and adherence to the highest professional and moral standards. At Tressler, we refuse to concede to any way other than the Tressler way - the right way. Give us a call or join us for a cup of coffee. We are confident that you, too, will see the difference

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