Jonathan Ramos Promoted to Paralegal Coordinator

We are proud to announce that Jonathan Ramos has been promoted to Paralegal Coordinator. Jon has worked for Tressler since 2006 and is an integral part of our staff. Jon received his B.A. from Loyola University Chicago and currently works out of Tressler's Chicago Office. Learn more about Jon below!  

Where are you from?
I was born in San Francisco, but raised in Chicago and its suburbs. I went to high school in the northwest suburbs.

How long have you been at Tressler?
Over 16 years.

Do you have any hidden talents and/or unique hobbies?
I used to DJ on the weekends (and some weeknights). I even DJ'ed one of the non-sponsored firm holiday afterparties one year. I wonder who is still around that remembers that? 

I’m also a pretty decent cook. I auditioned for the reality show MasterChef a few years ago. They liked my cooking, so I got through to the group interviews with the casting directors. I failed that miserably. Some of the other contestants had good sob stories and personalities for reality TV, but the best I could come up with was that I DJ'ed on the weekends. 

Jon Djing on a boat in the Playpen
Jon DJ'ing on a boat in the Playpen. 

What’s an interesting fact about you?
After a pandemic-prolonged engagement, I’m getting married in Tulum, Mexico in April.

Jon Proposing to his future wife, Natalia
Jon proposing to his future wife, Natalia, in front of the Trevi fountain in Rome.

Jon proposing in front of the Trevi Fountain in Rome
She said, "yes"! 

Engagement photo shoot

Engagement photo shoot
Engagement photoshoot.

Why did you decide to become a paralegal?
To be honest, it was more that I decided not to go to law school than it was deciding to become a paralegal.

What does a typical workday look like for you?
Responding to emails, making sure requests from attorneys are properly assigned and everyone gets the assistance they need, as well as making sure cases are properly staffed with paralegal support. Once that’s done, doing paralegal work myself.

What do you like most about Tressler?
It’s always been the people--the personal and professional relationships.

What are you most proud of, professionally and/or personally?
Starting off as a project assistant and working more than 16 years at Tressler up to now. Not to mention surviving the recession and pandemic along the way. 

Jonathan Ramos can be reached at

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