Fidelity & Surety Litigation

Fidelity & Surety Litigation

The Fidelity and Surety group works proactively to assist clients in avoiding the circumstances that give rise to disputes by and between bond claimants, principals and insureds. They do this through effective communication, negotiation, and appropriate documentation. When disputes do arise, however, these seasoned trial attorneys possess the knowledge, drive and ability to bring disputes to a swift and equitable resolution, whether through trial, arbitration, or settlement negotiation.

Our attorneys are proficient and experienced in public and private construction project default analysis, negotiation of financing and takeover agreements, and performance and payment bond claim handling and litigation. This includes issues concerning differing site conditions, extra work, completion, defective work, defective design, delay, interference, acceleration and surety defenses. The Group is also experienced in indemnity and salvage, priority disputes, and bankruptcy relief.

In addition, we regularly handle miscellaneous surety bond claims, including public official bonds, probate, ERISA and other fiduciary bonds, and judicial bonds.

We provide a full range of services relating to all manner of claims arising under Financial Institution Bonds, Fidelity Bonds, Broker's Blanket Bonds, and Commercial Crime Policies. This includes claim investigation analysis and communication of coverage issues and positions, coverage litigation, and salvage litigation. Representative cases have involved a wide variety of dishonest employee schemes as well as complex issues under forgery, counterfeit, and crime coverages.

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