Workplace Investigations

Workplace Investigations

External whistleblowers, government regulators and private litigants increasingly identify and expose employee misconduct within public and private companies, universities and nonprofit groups. The best defense against threats to your business is a deeply embedded culture of ethics and compliance, at the heart of which is an effective investigation system that allows you to decisively address and remedy problems at the source. And for baseless allegations, an investigation arms you with the necessary evidence to demonstrate compliance and move forward with confidence.

Internal investigation programs succeed when organizations thoughtfully build the function into their operational structure. Tressler's Workplace Investigations Team can enhance or establish your capabilities in this area by reviewing employers’ investigation functions, designing practical mechanisms and developing investigation guidelines and escalation protocols to help create knowledgeable leadership oversight of the compliance program. We also offer training workshops for your investigators and other employees, helping to foster a robust culture of compliance.

If you prefer, Tressler's Workplace Investigations Team can lead the investigation on your behalf. Our professionals handle the most sensitive matters – from whistleblowing claims to allegations of sexual harassment or other misconduct by senior executives – with diplomacy and tact.

Our suite of services includes:

  • Risk assessments of internal investigation systems and resources.
  • Legal advice and guidance during internal investigative matters.
  • High-risk investigations of code of conduct issues (e.g., anti-bribery, fraud, financial malfeasance, theft, criminal misconduct, significant executive misconduct, misuse of confidential information, misuse of technology, etc.)
  • Design and develop investigation systems that fit your business and compliance programs, such as:

- Launching intake channels, reporting hotlines and case management procedures
- Drafting and implementing investigation guidelines and templates
- Designing high-risk investigation protocols
- Crafting internal escalation definitions for leadership and for internal and external audit functions
- Compiling trends and key matter reports and analyses
- Reviewing, revising and strengthening codes of conduct and related policies
- Creating internal compliance communications
- Training internal investigation personnel

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